An Introduction to Associ8

Learn more about the first and only app that automates the creation of associations.

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Associ8 is a one-of-a-kind HubSpot app that allows you to create associations in bulk via Workflows. We utilize a growing matching system to find objects based on a property value and link other objects to it. Sounds complicated, but oh boy you’ll love it once you start to play with it

How It Works

Associ8 uses HubSpot’s Workflows and their triggers to create associations (both standard and the new Flexible Associations)  via the API. You won’t need to know how to code at all. 

Privacy and Security

This application stores no data. It simply reads and creates associations with your existing objects.

System Requirements

Professional and Enterprise HubSpot tiers are able to use Associ8. In order to associate Custom Objects, you must have an Enterprise Hub to allow for Custom Objects in your account. Flexible Associations must be enabled in order to use Labels.

Where to Start: 


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