An Introduction To Clone Attack

Clone Attack duplicates stuff. Sounds simple enough, right? What used to take several minutes can now be done in seconds with this helpful little app.

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How It Works

Behind the scenes Clone Attack uses the HubSpot API to create truly unique duplicates of several object types. Each duplicate has it's own ID and will NOT keep in sync with the originating object. 

Privacy and Security

Clone Attack does not store any of your HubSpot data at all. We simply read and write the properties we find. Our app’s servers are located in AWS right here in the USA.

Pricing and Terms

After the 14-day free trial, Clone Attack is $19 USD per month or $192 USD per year for unlimited users. Anyone in your HubSpot instance can use the app.

System Requirements

Due to the nature of HubSpot apps and our need to log you in, Clone Attack does not work in Safari. Sorry Mac users, but Safari’s recent update prevents Clone Attack from doing its thing. You’ll need to use a browser like Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Brave, Opera, or any other obscure browser you can find. 


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