How the Customer Service Portal Works.

Learn about how the Customer Service Portal works, pricing, data integrity,and system requirements.


The Customer Service Portal gives your clients a window into the current status of their tickets. Contrary to the current Beta release of HubSpot’s native customer portal, our Portal has been improved many times over, allowing for significant customizations to fit your specific business needs.

How It Works

In the absence of a Conversations API, we utilize Email to talk back and forth between the Portal and HubSpot. When your clients log into the Portal and update a Ticket, that will come into your HubSpot as an email from that Contact. You can reply to that email from within the Ticket’s timeline event and it will then appear in the Contact’s portal

Privacy and Security

The Customer Service Portal does not store any of your HubSpot data at all. We simply read and write to relevant Tickets. In addition, any notifications that your Contacts receive do not contain the contents of the respective Ticket. Email notifications only hold a general message informing the Contact of a new Ticket or an update to a Ticket. The Portal’s servers are located on Amazon Web Services (AWS) right here in the USA.


Read that line in green again for good measure :)

Pricing and Terms

After the 14-day free trial, the Customer Service Portal has the following pricing tiers:

  • BASIC - Free - For accounts with 1-3 paid Service Hub Seats.
  • PRO - $99/month - For account with 4-36 paid Service Hub Seats
  • ENTERPRISE - $189/month - For accounts with 37+ paid Service Hub Seats

Within the General Portal Settings menu, if you see lock icon next to a setting, this means that your current tier is ineligible for that particular feature.

The price for our app will not be included in your HubSpot subscription charges. We are completely separate and bill via Stripe.

System Requirements

The Customer Service Portal has no special system requirements. Enjoy! 


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