How to Convert Minutes to Hours in Timerman

If you’re using Timerman to audit your ticket and deal times in stage to follow your service level agreements (SLAs) but would rather record the time in hours instead of minutes, follow these steps:

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1. In your HubSpot portal, click Setting > Properties.

2. On the Select an Object field, select Ticket Properties (or Deal Properties if you prefer.

3. Click Create Property.

4. Select Ticket under Object type, Select a group, give your ticket a label, and click Next.

5. For the Field Type select Calculation then click Build Calculation.

6.  Make sure Custom Equation is entered under Calculated Property Type.

7. In the first drop down box of the equation, select one of your Timerman properties (i.e. Working Time).

8. Change the “+” symbol to “/”.

9. In the second drop down box of the equation, enter 60.

10. Click Create and you’re done!