How to Install and Setup the Zaybra Custom Quote

The Zaybra Quote allows you to Utilize the greatness of HubSpot Quotes and Power of Stripe Billing.

The Zaybra Custom Quote does not automatically get uploaded during the Zaybra Install and Sync. Let's go over installing and setting up the Zaybra Quote.


Install and Setup:

  1. First things first, make sure you have Zaybra installed and synced to your HubSpot.
  2. Reach out to to receive the Zaybra Custom Quote file
  3. Install the Zaybra Custom Quote:
    1. Option 1 - We install for you: Reach out to to inquire about more details on this process.
    2. Option 2 - Self Install: Using the HubSpot CLI command "hs upload" - upload the Zaybra Customer Quote file to the design manager. 
  4. Once the Zaybra quote is installed, navigate to Settings > Objects > Quotes in your HubSpot account.
  5. Select the Custom Quote Tab and click "Customize Quote Template".
  6. Hover over the Modern "zaybra-cms-quote-theme" and click choose.
  7. Give the quote a name and make any customizations you want then hit Save and you're done!

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