How To Invite Your Contacts To Your Portal

There are a few different ways to let your clients know about your shiny new Customer Service Portal

So...behind the scenes, every Contact with a Ticket in your HubSpot already has an account with our Portal, therefore all that's needed is for them to create a password.

After installation, the easiest way to invite existing Contacts to the Portal is to send them your portal's domain and ask them to reset their password by clicking Forgot Password. This could be done as a HubSpot marketing email campaign or even a notification on the support page on your website.

You'll see your Portal's domain during the installation process as well as your first introductory email. Be sure to bookmark it!

If you ever lose track of you portal domain, don't worry! You can find it again in your hapily portal by clicking Customer Service Portal > General Portal Settings in the left sidebar. Then just scroll down until you see the Custom Domain field:

For future Contacts, our Portal will send an email when the Contact is attached to a Ticket. Learn more about email notifications here.


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