How To Make Your First Clone Attack Workflow

With our new Clone Attack workflow option you can now automate the cloning of deals, tickets, and contacts.

Now that you're ready to automate your cloning within HubSpot, click on Workflows in the navigation menu.

In the upper right, click Create Workflow

Be mindful of the object trigger that you choose from which to base your workflow, as that will determine with which objects you are able to associate. For example, if you choose a Deal-based trigger, you will be cloning the deals that are enrolled in the workflow.

Example Scenario 

Let's say every time a deal reaches Closed Won in your Sales pipeline you want to create a clone deal in a new pipeline called Won Deals.

  1. Start a Deal-Based workflow
  2. Choose the enrollement trigger for the deals you want to be cloned. In this scenario we want to choose Deal stage is any of Closed Won (Sales Pipeline)
  3. Next add a new action by hitting the + then search for the Clone Attack action and select it

  4. We want our cloned deals to have the name of the original deal followed by "Clone". To do this we will open the Deal Token above the deal name field and choose the Deal name token. We will then add "Clone" after the deal name token.

  5. Next, choose what fields we want to be copied over by selecting yes or no in the respective fields. Since we want the deal to spawn in the Appointment scheduled stage in the Won Deals pipeline we will set that destination in the choose a Pipeline and Choose a Stage fields.

  6. Hit save and now you're ready to review and publish your first Clone Attack workflow! 


When creating your clone attack workflow make sure your cloned deals do not meet the enrollment trigger for your workflow. This will lead to an infinite chain of cloned objects.


In the example above if we set the deal stage and pipeline to Closed Won (Sales Pipeline) as the spawning point for the cloned deals then every time a clone is made it would immediately be enrolled in the workflow creating a chain of clones.


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