How To Send SLA Breach Alerts To Slack

Fun Fact: Sending SLA Breached statuses from HubSpot to Slack is actually easy! Let's go over how to do it.

Let's say I have an SLA Policy called Low Priority that has a Time to first response of 240 minutes (4 hours). Now let's say every time that the Time to first response target is breached I want the Ticket Owner get's an alert in Slack.

With Timerman and HubSpot workflows this is an easy task and the results are beautiful! Take a look for yourself:

Setting up the workflow:

  1. In your HubSpot, navigate to Automation > Workflows and start a Ticket-Based Workflow.
  2. Set up your enrollment triggers:
    1. Time Target: Time To Close is equal to any of missed (Note: You can change the Time Target enrollment to "First Reply" to get alerts when that time target is breached)
  3. Next add a Send Slack Notification action
  4. Fill out the Slack Notification fields as desired then hit Save
    Here is some inspiration:
  5. Hit Review and Publish and you're good to go!


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