How To Setup Operational Periods And Holidays

Setup you Timerman Operational Periods and Holidays to ensure your SLA times are only being recorded during your operational hours!

Operational Periods:

By setting the hours of operations you are setting the hours where Timerman will record the ticket times.

  1. Login to your hapily portal
  2. In the side bar navigate to Timerman > Business Profiles
  3. Choose your Time Zone and fill out the Open and Close times for each day

  4. If you need to clear a time hit the X to the right of that field
  5. Hit Update Business Hours and you're done!


Like Operational Periods, setting your Holidays will stop Timerman from tracking time during those days.

  1. Holiday settings can be located on the Operational Periods page directly below the Operational Periods
  2. Select Add Holiday
  3. Enter a Title and Date for your Holiday
  4. To delete a Holiday hit the X 
  5. Select Update Holiday and you're set! 


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