How to Use the Cancel Zaybra Subscription Workflow Action

With Stripe’s current setup, you have to manually cancel subscriptions. Zaybra has a workflow action that will accomplish this unsavory task for you!

Using the Cancel Zaybra Subscription workflow action, you can automatically cancel subscriptions in Stripe.

1, Start by creating a Zaybra Subscription based workflow.

2. Select the When an event occurs for the enrollment trigger.

How to automatically cancel a Stripe subscription from HubSpot

3. Set the enrollment trigger to Property Value Changed Zaybra Cancelled At is after [Insert Date Here] and Zaybra Cancellation Reason is known.

How to automatically cancel a Stripe Subscription using HubSpot workflows

4. Click the + button beneath the workflow trigger and select the Cancel Zaybra Subscription action.

HubSpot How to automatically cancel a Stripe subscription

5. Under Subscription ID, add the ID Zaybra Subscription token.

6. For Cancellation Date, select Zaybra Cancelled At.

7. For Cancellation Reason, select Zaybra Cancellation Reason.

8. Click Save and you’re all done!

Stripe How to automatically cancel a subscription

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