How to Use Zaybra’s “Create Stripe Invoice” Workflow Action

Automatically generate a Stripe invoice link after closing a deal! How? Using Zaybra's Create Stripe Invoice action!

1. Start by creating a Deal based workflow.

2. Set the enrollment trigger to Deal Stage is any of Closed Won and Number of Associated Line Items is greater than 0.

How to automatically create a Stripe invoice link

3. Click the + button beneath the workflow trigger and select the Create Stripe Invoice action.

How to create a Stripe invoice link in HubSpot automatically

4. Under Customer Email, add the Associated Contact Email token. NOTE: If the deal in this workflow doesn’t have that property filled out with the customer’s email, the workflow will be unable to generate the invoice link.

5. Under Invoice Link Storing Field, add the deal token of the property you want the invoice link stored in.

How to automatically create a Stripe invoice link with Zaybra

6. Click Save and you’re done!


NOTE: This action does not support "Tiered" or "Metered" Stripe pricing models.