What Is the hapily Admin Portal?

Everyone who installs a hapily app to his/her HubSpot instance will get a hapily portal account. But what do you even do with it?

You’re asking the right questions! And you’ve come to the right place for answers. The hapily admin portal is where you’ll manage all installed hapily apps across all of your HubSpot instances.

“But wait. Couldn’t I just use the apps in my HubSpot instance? Why would I need to login to hapily?”

While hapily apps function within your HubSpot instance as tools, you can log into the hapily portal to change your app settings. You can check your usage, set up defaults for each app, and even upgrade your subscription!

What is the hapily admin portal for?

That’s the short of it, but for more information on what you can do in the hapily portal, check out the rest of the knowledge base.

Still have questions? Email us at care@hapily.com!