Why You Might See Yesterday's Date In Tick Tock Today

You may sometimes see that the date in Tick Tock Today is a day off. Why is that?

Today's date property in HubSpot

While this might look a little scary at first, it’s nothing to worry about! In fact, it has an easy explanation.

In order to calculate today’s date, Tick Tock Today uses a date-time field. This is necessary in order to use the app to properly calculate things like the time between two dates.

What does this mean? It means that the date Tick Tock Today stores in HubSpot is accurate. But it also means that the date displayed may be affected by your timezone.

Let’s say, for example, your timezone is different from your HubSpot instance’s official timezone. The Tick Tock Today property will update according to the HubSpot instance’s time zone and not yours.

So if your timezone is ahead of the HubSpot instance’s timezone, you may see that Tick Tock Today is a day behind!

Just to reiterate though, there’s no need to worry if you see this on your end. While the display might be off for you, the date stored within HubSpot is accurate. So you’re clear to make calculations using it.

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