Zaybra Starter Guide

Zaybra is a Stripe to HubSpot integration that allows you to easily manage and monitor Stripe information within HubSpot!

  • Sync, read, and update Stripe Customers, Transactions, and Subscriptions via a CRM card
  • Create a net new Stripe Transaction or Subscription from a CRM Card
  • Pause and resume Subscriptions from a CRM Card
  • Process a Payment directly from within a custom quote template (instead of on a Stripe URL like the current HS Stripe integration)
  • Generate a Stripe Payment link via Workflow Action

Setup Guide:

  1. How to Install Zaybra
  2. How To Test Zaybra
  3. How to Connect your Stripe Account
  4. How To Import Stripe Products To HubSpot
  5. How The Contact Sync Works
  6. How to create a Transaction or Payment Link
  7. How to Update a Subscription
  8. How To Pause A Subscription
  9. Stripe Properties Available in HubSpot

It is highly recommended you read all of the articles in the Setup Guide thoroughly before using Zaybra.


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